Flexible production

VIPACO has a broad range of latest generation CNC bar feeder, turret, and sliding headstock lathes, making it extremely competitive in terms of the finished product quality and speed of turnover.

Following is an example of our machinery park.

Sliding headstock lathe

  • The company has 37 sliding headstock lathes.
  • Bar passage: Ø 2 mm - Ø 38 mm
  • LFV technology: Low Frequency Vibration cutting


Twin-spindle turning

  • The company has 8 lathes with 2 and 3 turrets.
  • Max. bar passage:  Ø 80 mm
  • Working diameter:  Ø 6 mm  -  Ø 400 mm     


  • Maximum working diameter: Ø 400 mm
  • Max. bar passage: Ø 75 mm

Robotic turning cells

  • The company has 2 lathes with robotic machine tending

Turret lathe (motorised)

  • The company has 8 turret lathe turning cells equipped with bar feeder for automated processing, or alternatively with an operator, for the production of flanges and shafts.

Hard turning

  • The company has 2 high-precision hard turning lathes. Possible tolerance +/- 2 µm.


  • The company has 3 work cells with pallet changers. 
  • Operating area 500 x 400 x 400.

Centreless grinding and Rolling

  • The company has a centreless grinding machine and 3 thread rolling machines 

Laser marking

  • The company has a laser marking machine able to etch serial codes including: barcodes, IQR codes, various vectors, on all ferrous and non-ferrous metal materials.

Unit control and detection stations

  • The company has the possibility to industrialise unit control systems for one or more characteristics.
  • 100% CONTROL. 
  • We have real-time data acquisition stations to supervise the processes.

Laser size control

  • The company has an automated laser measuring instrument to measure shafts.
  • Possibility to measure diameters and lengths with a resolution of 0.1µm

Washing system

  • The company has a vacuum washing system that uses 
  • modified alcohols.
  • This system satisfies the highest standards for cleaning and environmental protection.

Tools engineering

  • We internally design and develop much of the production equipment and tools.
  • Moreover, where necessary, we collaborate with the most cutting-edge companies in the tool engineering sector.


Production control and 4.0

  • The company has real-time production control systems.
  • Integration of the latest 4.0 technologies



  • We offer our clients our many years of experience, collaborating in the industrialisation of the product.


  • On request, the company is able to trace all production processes, from the raw material to the finished product. 
  • VDA4902 label


Metrology lab

  • The company has a well-equipped metrology lab, able to satisfy clients’ quality needs.
  • Controlled temperature and humidity